Sunday, 17 May 2009

Christmas is coming....

Ooooh..... shall I let you into a secret? The girls here in Winter Wonderland have been VERY busy coming up with some fabulous themes to inspire you to join in with our weekly push to get you preparing for Christmas - we are all really excited behind the scenes. But I've just done a count-up and guess what? There are less than 30 challenges before 20 December! How scary is that??? Even more reason why you need to join in with us - just think, that could be 30 beautiful, individual handmade cards you have made without any stress or fuss! Just one card a week - you won't even notice you've done it, but you'll be so thankful you did!

So do yourself a favour and fix a link to us so that you can keep up on this easy road to Christmas. And pass the word on - not only will it make life easier for everyone to get there in one piece, just imagine how many new ideas there will be to inspire us all!

So pop back on 31st May to play along from the start, don't get left behind!





Janneke said...

I can't wait .... only two weeks left ;0)

Do you have a blinkie for us, then I can link your great blog :D

Janneke X

Zoe said...

Ooooh how fabby!! Just what i have been looking for!! Infact this is just perfect - i scared myself last night and ended up making my first christmas card lol!! So to find this this moring is FANTASTIC news. And launching on my little ones birthday - perfect i wont forget now :)
Zoe x x

Lynsey said...

What a great idea, this is just what I need!
I look forward to the first challenge! Good luck with your new blog girls!
Hugs Lynsey:)

Spyder said...

oh wow, it's May and I'm shivering!! Lovely Christmasy cards!!

chatter chatter-chatter (my teeth!)

Ps yes, a blinky would be good!

Sarah said...

Two of my favourite things - Christmas and Crafting! Can't wait, really looking forward to the challenges and inspiration.

Take care